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Welcome to our forums!

As a rule, the discussion here is conducted in Russian (sometimes Ukrainian). However, a majority of the participants do know English, which you should therefore feel encouraged to use for your posting; you will more than likely get a reply in the same language.

You are welcome to try other European languages — at your own risk :-)

There is one basic rule pertaining to all the forums: Be polite. It is prohibited to descend into personal quarrels, leave alone direct personal offense.

The moderator reserves the right to irreversibly delete any posting that, in his opinion, hinders normal discussion. There will be no abuse of this rule; however, the moderator's decision is final and not subject to appeal. Questions like, "Why was I cut off while he wasn't?", will be deleted unconditionally.

The forum software is 100% original (it has been written from scratch specially for this project) and is upgraded from time to time, with visitors' wishes being taken into account.

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