In Memory of Kiev Trams:: Museum of Electric Transportation


Address: Kiev, Filatova 22/8 (1 block up Kudri St. from the Lybidska subway station)
Phone: +38 (044) 594 18 03
Hours: By appointment only
Manager: Ms. Lidiya A. Livinskaya

About the museum

The Kiev Tram History Museum, later renamed Kiev Museum of Electric Transportation, was inaugurated in 1992 as part of of the Kiev tram's 100th anniversary celebration. It has been created and headed ever since by Lidiya Livinskaya, a veteran electric transportation worker.

Today the museum's collection boasts numerous exhibits from photos and books to running toy tram models to a real control panel of the Tatra car. Of special interest to the visitor will be the three dioramas depicting various periods of Kiev's tram history: "The Beginning" (Aleksandrovsky Descent, 1892), "The Wartime Years" (1941-1945), and "Kiev Today" (present time).

Those interested in the history of electric transporation of other cities should not bypass the museum, either. Books, atlases and photo exhibits from numerous places across the globe can be found here. A giant map of Ukraine featuring all the cities where trams or trolleybuses ever existed or are presently under construction is the museum's special pride.

Plans for further development include, first and foremost, the creation of a museum branch in the Darnitsa district where preserved old tram cars are to be exhibited. You are always welcome at the museum, now and in the future!

The article "History of the Creation of the Electric Transportation Museum"

This is the article "History of the Creation of the Electric Transportation Museum" by L. Livinskaya (in Ukrainian), which appeared in a collection of scientific papers "Preserving Monuments of Science and Technology in Museums: History, Experience, Perspective" (Kiev, 2001).



The diorama "Kiev Today".

A Tatra T-3 model.

Manager L.A. Livinskaya (right) with the author.

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