Decline (1980-1987)
Route 30

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  30. Vokzal - Pecherskiy Most
As already mentioned, the double-ended cars served route 30 exclusively for eighteen years, from 1967 till 1985. The initial stop of this route was at the south-west side of the single-track Vokzal (railway station) loop.
[Aare Olander, 09.09.1984]
There's a queue of those awaiting boarding: In fact, the trams used to leave the terminus fairly packed up. To the left of the car is a stop sign saying "10, 30; 9 after 22:00"; indeed, route 9 ran through Vokzal at night.
[Aare Olander, 23.05.1981]
Turning from Kominterna into Saksaganskogo, two blocks away from Vokzal and a block short of the first stop, Ul. Tolstogo. An invariable Tatra in the picture, too...
[Gisbert Jaekl, 03.1984]
Three stops away from Vokzal, at the intersection of Saksaganskogo and Vladimirskaya. 2001 runs on route 30 towards Vokzal, whereas 2036 from route 8 turns into the Vladimirskaya descent en route to the Shevchenko Depot.
[Aare Olander, 10.06.1981]
The Dvorets Sporta stop at Shota Rustaveli St. was a terminus for three other routes, but an intermediate stop for the 30 - which, however, has but a few months left...
[Vello Talves, 1985]
The same stop; a train on route 1 is visible, starting its around-the-block loop turn. The crowds are a certain indication that a football game has just ended! On that day, Dynamo Kiev defeated Dynamo Tbilisi 1:0 with an Oleg Blokhin goal, and the author of these lines went to the stadium for the first time ever...
[Aare Olander, 24.05.1981]
Ul. Basseynaya; entering the loop around the block from the opposite, Pechersk side. Two cars, 2060 and 2002, run next to each other. Behind the tram is a 9Tr Skoda trolleybus on one of the Pechersk routes, 14 or 15.
[Aare Olander, 13.05.1981]
From Dvorets Sporta, trams would ascend to Pechersk along Ul. Mechnikova and Klovskiy Spusk. 2043 goes the opposite way, towards Vokzal. On this very spot today is the Klovskaya metro station... and, to be sure, no trams.
The Pecherskiy Most terminus. A crossover track is visible, which was used to turn the cars. In the background, a 9Tr in the old livery, with a yellow body.
[Geoff Tribe collection, 1980s]
It was this stub terminus that was used for layover - since it was physically impossible to do that at the Vokzal loop, Here we see as many as four cars in one picture!
[Aare Olander, 04.03.1981]
A remarkable picture with seven vehicles. Behind the trams, a bus on route 62 is turning. Approximately on the spot where the tall building stands now, in the background, there used to be the tram loop which was later converted into this stub terminus.
[Aare Olander, 26.05.1981]
Finally, a set-up picture at the same spot, Pecherskiy Most. There is some doubt as for the date, since the route was actually discontinued on 26 May 1985. Perhaps, however, this is what marked a short farewell ceremony for the "thirty"...
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 06.1985 (?)]

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