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The Russian proverb used for the title of this gallery — whose sense is "people use to disregard reasonable opinions of their own compatriots" — often turns out to be true in a wider, indirect context. The KTV-55 (Kievskij TramVaj, model of 1955) cars used to be manufactured by the Dzerzhinsky Kiev Electric Transportation Plant (Kievskij Zavod Elektrotransporta, KZET, formerly Dombal Plant). There were three modifications: the KTV-55 proper, single-ended (11xx series), the KTV-55-2, double-ended (20xx series), and the KPV-55 trailer (10xx series). Many more trailers than single-ended cars had been manufactured, which is why they used to be coupled not only to the latter but also, in large quantities, to the MTV-82's. The single-ended KTV-55's never gained real popularity (partly because the plant was more concerned with producing the double-ended version, there being no alternative to them). There were but a dozen and odd cars in Kiev, several more were delivered to other cities. They left Kiev streets a little before KTV-55-2's. The once-realistic perspective of Kiev's providing its own tram cars for itself was buried forever.

The photo gallery is organized by the route number.

1. Dvorets Sporta - Ul. Semiy Sosninykh
KTV+KTP trains, as well as MTV+KTP, were extensively exploited on the speed tram line, before being abruptly replaced with brand new Tatras. Depicted here is 1114 with trailer on route 1, behind the Ukraina Department Store, en route to the speed stretch.
[Dieter Küllmer, 1977]
A classical shot at Gnata Yury, a year later. The Tatras are about to come in instead of these cars.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
At Borschagovka, as it is only being built up; looking towards what was the terminus, at that time, Semyi Sosninyh (Zodchih). The line is still around nowadays.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
3. Vokzal - Okruzhnaya Doroga
Just like today, running on the same line as the 1 was route 3, employing the same types of cars. Having left Vokzal and approaching the speed line, the train is crossing Starovokzalnaya.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 05.1977]
Running in the opposite direction, just beyond the speed line, the same train is passing the intersection by the Ukraina Department Store. Nowadays, the 3 does not run here, terminating at a loop a couple hundred meters short of this spot; the left turn is absent, too... as is the blue soda vending machine: no syrup, one kopeck, with syrup, three kopecks...
[Dieter Küllmer, 1977]
6. Vokzal - Svyatoshino
Old route 6, running along all of Brest-Litovskiy Prospekt, began at Vokzal. 1126 was the last KTV-55 to be produced; apparently, this train (trailer 1026) was the only one to ever bear such a livery.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
At the same spot, entering the Vokzal loop. Apart from tram tracks, also absent is the water-cooling tower in the background, which was torn apart some fifteen years ago.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
Descending from Vokzal along Kominterna; the train will turn left into Zhilyanskaya and proceed to Brest-Litovskiy Prospekt via Ploschad Pobedy.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
This place was formerly known as Zheleznodorozhnoe Peresechenie (Railway Crossing); today, the Beresteyska subway station is here. There used to be a crossing here, indeed (a branch line to the Lukyanovka station crossed Brest-Litovskiy Prospekt). Later, the avenue was placed into an open cut, and a bridge constructed. It is under that bridge that the already-familiar 1126+1026 is proceeding.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
12. Kontraktovaya Ploschad - Puscha-Voditsa
Route 12, which runs exactly the same nowadays, used to be served by a few of these same cars. This is at the Kontraktovaya Ploschad terminus, next to a KTM-1 from route 9. In later years, these cars would be situated vice versa: route 12, on the left, 9 on the right.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
1111+1013 just short of the forest stretch, at Ploschad Shevchenko.
[Raymond De Groote Jr., 11.07.1959]
The same train, apparently on the same day, at the 14-ya Liniya terminus in Puscha-Voditsa.
[Raymond De Groote Jr., 11.07.1959 (?)]
14. Kontraktovaya Ploschad - Svyatoshino
The only known pictures of trailerless KTV-55s come from their last years, when the presence of trailers was no longer so critical due to the expansion of the Tatras, and they were quite scarce anyway. 1117 is on route 14 at Degtyarevskaya...
[Aare Olander, 11.06.1981]
15. Lvovskaya Ploschad - Avtogenniy Zavod
... and on route 15 at Dmitrievskaya, near Poltavskaya. Note the rear window of the same shape as on the trailers.
[Aare Olander, 22.05.1981]
16. Kontraktovaya Ploschad - Geroev Dnepra
At the newly-opened line serving northern Obolon. Now trams are said to no longer be needed here, and the plan is to get rid of them...
[Hans Oerlemans, 12.09.1978]
1120+1090 from the same route at the depot, accompanied by AV-3 (which is a KTV-55-2 with a new body).
[Aare Olander, 22.05.1981]

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