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The birth of this project was caused by the barbaric extinction, in mid-2001, of one of the oldest Kiev tram lines, along Saksaganskogo Street. That action almost completed the expelling of trams from downtown Kiev, where buses again proudly contribute to the chemical composition of air — leave alone such a "European transport" as jitneys.

Although some information on today's Kiev trams is here, I have decided to put an emphasis on things gone. We are about a hundred and ten years late with the start of this activity; but not everything is irreversibly lost as yet, and one would like to try restoring whatever can be restored (in memory; in reality, nothing will come back). Also, what is here today should be preserved, too — because it won't be around tomorrow.

That said, I owe an apology to the English reader: A majority of the information here (and on the linked sites) is in Russian (some in Ukrainian) only. However, look for the flag to see what's available in English; and if some of the section titles seems interesting to you, do not hesitate to drop me a line at — at your request, I may well be able to come up with a translated version.


25.05.2012: Tickets from the hyperinflation era of 1991‒1996.
13.05.2012: In the schemes section, maps from 1910 and (probably) 1923 have been added.
30.04.2012: New metro tickets.
10.03.2012: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!
The break was way too long — but on we go! A big amendment to the ticket collection: 1966‒1972 (tram, trolleybus, bus) and 1973‒1991.
27.07.2010: A page in the ticket collection dedicated to 1961‒1966 tram and trolleybus tickets.
12.05.2010:  The third part of the YuMZ-T2 gallery (521–530).
25.04.2010: A new page in the ticket collection: metro tickets.
16.04.2010:  The second part of the YuMZ-T2 gallery (511–520).
11.04.2010: A new page added to the ticket collection.
30.03.2010: The ticket collection has been resurrected. (Sorry, Russian only, at least for now.) Only Kiev tickets will be here from now on.
22.01.2010: The last one so far,  fourth part of the MTB-82 photo gallery (501–514).
15.01.2010: The  Kiev Trolleybus book is out.
06.01.2010: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!
The next,  third part of the MTB-82 photo gallery (301–400).
17.12.2009:  The second part of the MTB-82 photo gallery (201–257).
09.08.2009: The ultimate rarity: an unofficial brochure entitled "Kiev Tram during 50 Years", issued in 1942, during the second German occupation of Kiev. Unique data on the work of tram in 1941–42. (Sorry, no translation...)
08.08.2009: An historic scheme of bus routes.
12.06.2009: The  fourth part of the Tatra T6 gallery (061–077, 100–101).
08.04.2009: The  third part of the Tatra T6 gallery (041–060).
05.03.2009: The  second part of the Tatra T6 gallery (021–040).
17.02.2009: Time for a new photo gallery: the first part of Tatra  T6 gallery (001–020) is here.
21.01.2009: The YuMZ T1 photo gallery is now complete, with the opening of the  fifth (2441–2450) and  sixth parts (2451–2457).
18.01.2009: Five new fragments on the Kiev tram in literature page. Also, the Kiewer tramway song page has been updated.
14.01.2009: The  fourth part of the YuMZ T1 photo gallery (2431–2440).
07.01.2009: The  third part of the YuMZ T1 photo gallery (2421–2430) is here.
03.01.2009: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
A rather rare item, a 1943 German map of Kiev, is the first addition to our site in the new year.
12.12.2008: The  8Tr,  ZiU-5,  RVZ-6 are replenished with a few new pictures. Also, minor updates of the  links page and the Kiewer tramway song page.
29.10.2008: A brand new page tells the story of a popular song Kiewer tramway (in Yiddish), including audio and video clips of the song.
26.10.2008: Five more new fragments on the same page, Kiev tram in literature.
06.08.2008: Four new fragments on the Kiev tram in literature page.
30.04.2008: The last,  third part of the 1985 gallery is here.
25.04.2008: The new FAQ page is here. (Sorry, Russian only.)
23.04.2008: The schemes section features three new specimen, from the years 1899, 1903, and mid-1920s (tentatively dated 1924).
02.04.2008: A new photo gallery on the site is dedicated to the  M.A.N. trolleybuses.
Ten new fragments on the Kiev tram in literature page.
31.03.2008: Another new photo gallery tells about the old  MTB-82 trolleybuses. The first part (1–105) is now open.
Also, a link to the photo gallery in memory on the Paton Bridge tram line, on the site has been added.
09.03.2008: A new photo gallery is dedicated to the last two-axle passenger tramcars in Kiev, the  KTM-1/KTP-1.
29.02.2008: The second part of the  1985 gallery contains pictures from Podol, Kurenevka, and Obolon.
26.02.2008: The T2 photo gallery is now complete, with the  third part dedicated to cars 5041–5051 and the  fourth part containing pictures of the inside.
22.01.2008: The  second part of the Tatra T2 photo gallery (cars 5021–5040).
15.01.2008: Yet another new photo gallery is dedicated to the 1980s — more specifically, it contains tram pictures from the year  1985. The first part is open so far.
14.01.2008: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 and welcome to the wonderful world of Tatras!
The first part of the historic gallery dedicated to the  T2 trams (5002–5020) is now open.

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