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De gustibus non est disputandum. Some like interesting cityscapes with trams, others like cars irrespectively of where they are depicted, still others, photos of route #5 dated 1924 and nothing else. It is impossible to satisfy everyone, but an attempt has been made. The photo galleries are ordered by four main criteria: time, place, route, car. Hence four big sections. One and the same photo may figure in all four. As of now, certainly not all times, not all lines, and not all routes are presented... that's what we are working towards, though.

Some galleries are not, in fact, hosted on our site, but included into this logical structure with the authors' permission.


Kiev tram scenes from different periods of history.
[ The beginning of the century, Under the Germans, July 1959, The 1970s, 1985 ]


Virtual trips along tram lines, existing as well as long closed.
[ Alexandrovskiy Spusk ]


Photo galleries of trams and trolleybuses on all Kiev routes. General sections — one picture per route — are open at this time, and galleries devoted to particular routes are being opened gradually.
[ Trams: 8 ]
[ Trolleybuses: 23, 41 ]


A joint project of our site and The Photo Gallery of Trams and Trolleybuses tells about various types of tramcars and trolleybuses on Kiev routes.
[ Trams: Pullman, M1, KTM-1/KTP-1, MTV-82, KTV-55, KTP-55, KTV-55-2, T2, RVZ-6, T6, K1, T3 "Progress" ]
[ Trolleybuses: M.A.N., MTB-82, 8Tr, ZiU-5, 14Tr, DAC-217E, YuMZ T1, YuMZ T2, K12.03, K12.04, MAZ-103T, YuMZ E186, ElectroLAZ E183 ]

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