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Part 1 (1101–1110)

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Having failed with the Kiev-11, the Kiev Electric Transportation Factory didn't give up trying to construct an articulated trolleybus. The next attempt, "Kiev-12", was much more successful. Production was soon moved to the Antonov aviation plant ("Aviant"), where the K12.03 series (Kiev-12, third version) was started. A distinctive feature of the Antonov trolleybus was the aluminum body, lighter and more durable.

Two experimental vehicles were numbered 3000 and 3100. Serial Aviants started to come into Depot No. 4 in 1996 and were numbered 4001 onwards. In 1999, Depot No. 1 started receiving them (numbered 11**, the first four-digit series available), as well as Depot No. 2 (25**, the next series after the YuMZ-T1's). Apparently everybody in Kiev liked the new machines: spatious, reliable, and made in Kiev itself! Demand for articulated trolleybuses was extremely high, all the more so because the DAC's were being put sent to the scrapyard one by one. It seemed like the K12.03 was to have a bright future, but... At some point, Kiev's mayor expressed a sentence to the effect that "the Antonov plant has failed to create a modern trolleybus, and we will no longer buy Aviants". We don't have hard evidence, however, we do know that all decisions in Kiev involving big money have one basis under them: kickbacks. There is little doubt what the real reason was in this case. An "agreement" was not reached!

Other cities did not get around to buying these vehicles; therefore, the end of buying meant the end of production. A certain number of trolleybuses are still at the plant — ready, but not paid for. It looks like the mayor had developed a serious grudge against the plant (but what do the passengers have to do with it?!).

In 2005, four of the trolleybuses were transferred to Depot No. 4: 1111 and 1112 from No. 1, 2504 and 2505 from No. 2. Except for 1119 which burned out in the depot, all the Aviants are still in service — hopefully, for long.

1101Approaching Moskovskaya Ploschad, inbound, near the Vernadsky Library stop.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 22.11.2004]
1102In a rainy weather on Goloseevsky Prospekt (just beyond the Goloseevsky Park stop). To the left is Skoda 14Tr #141, which has suffered a malfunction.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 01.09.2003]
1103Almost the same spot, viewed from another direction and in a much better weather.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 30.05.2005]
1104The Metro Lybedskaya loop. Route 12 is now the only one which doesn't terminate here.
[Kostj Kozlov, 18.04.2004]
1105At the intersection of Goloseevsky Prospekt and Ul. Potehina. The trolleybus is still in factory livery here.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 01.09.2003]
1106In a winter setting (the trolleybus looks quite adequate for it, doesn't it?). In 1954, a memorial stone reading "The University will be built here" was put near this spot. Some twenty years later, it happened (one of the university campuses is here).
[Stefan Mashkevich, 28.11.2004]
1107By the UkrINITI (Ukrainian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information) building, near Metro Lybedskaya. On the left is a Zaporozhets 968, already a rarity these days.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 26.05.2003]
1108Beginning a 270-degree turn; the trolleybus on route 1 has to turn left from Goloseevsky Prospekt into Prospekt Nauki. In the background is the bus terminal building.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 22.11.2004]
1109On a relatively new stretch, along Ul. Zabolotnogo, where route 11 was prolonged in 2000. This is the Ivana Sirko stop.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 27.05.2003]
1110Just short of the lowermost point of Goloseevsky Prospekt, at the Univermag Moskovsky stop.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 30.05.2005]

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