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Route 23 was inaugurated on 12 February 1969, together with the new line along Melnikova, Schuseva and Stetsenko Streets towards Tupoleva (Berkovtsy). It has never changed, save for temporary reroutings due to repairs.

12.02.1969 — ...       Lukyanovskaya Ploschad — Ul. Akademika Tupoleva
The loop at Lukyanovskaya Ploschad. On our left is Degtyarevskaya St. with its tram line, on our right is Metro Lukyanovskaya. The loop is quite tight, due to lack of space.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 29.05.2003]
Having left the square, the line mounts the slight incline of Belorusskaya St. Once upon a time, tram #4 used to run here. There was no street per se, so addresses looked like "#4 tram line, 7"!
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
After Belorusskaya, we make a right turn into Yakira, followed almost immediately by a left turn into Melnikova, where also trolleybuses #16 and 18 run. The picture is taken on Melnikova, near the motorcycle plant.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
The line runs past Babiy Yar. This is almost the exact spot where people were shot in 1941–1943. Now there's the TV center and, a little futher down the line, Metro Dorogozhichi.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
The line then crosses the Syrets neighborhood along Schuseva St. A rather steep descent brings us to the railway line and Metro Syrets.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
Upon passing under the railway bridge, trolleybuses go up Stetsenko St., a continuation of Schuseva, traversing the Dubki (Little Oaks) Park.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
Stetsenko St. crosses Scherbakova St. (routes 5, 26, 36) at Internatsionalnaya Ploschad, and we are approaching the terminus.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
The Ulitsa Tupoleva terminus. The line turns around a block, therefore trolleybus traffic is one-way here.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
Beyond the terminus, at Tupoleva, preparing to make a left turn into Blyukhera.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
A "night" shot (it's actually 5 PM, the middle of rush hour!) by Metro Syrets. In the background is the railway platform by the same name and the bridge. The trolleybus is bound for Lukyanovskaya Ploschad.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 19.11.2004]

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