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Part 1 (1701–1710)

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The semi-low-floor MAZ-103T trolleybuses made their appearance in Kiev in 2003. Initially, there were plans for a joint Belorussian-Ukrainian production: vehicle bodies to be shipped from Belorussia, followed by the assembling of electrical equipment at KZET (Kiev Electric Transportation Factory). However, as if often happens, those good intentions never came true. In 2004, the KZET territory was sold; all that is presently done in Kiev is a minor tuneup of the trolleybuses before they enter service.

As of this writing (January 2006), thirty MAZes, numbered 1701 through 1730, belong to Depot No.1, and one can find them on all the routes served by said depot (1, 2, 4, 11, 12, 14, 38, 42, 43). A little under thirty belong to Depots No. 2 and No. 3.

At the end of May 2005, as the Eurovision song contest was being held in Kiev, city management tried to convert the area neighboring Sports Palace into a "Potemkin village" (an artificially created island of beauty aimed at creating a false positive impression with the bosses, or, in this case, with the foreigners). As part of the effort, MAZes were planted not only on route 14, but also on route 3, which belongs to Depot No.3 and which therefore never saw them in "real life" at that time. Apparently, the aim was to convice the foreigners that all Kiev trolleybuses are like this. The guests departed, so did the trolleybuses, the memorial photos remained.

Impressions about the new vehicle are somewhat controversial. Seemingly, the maintenance staff liked it at first; but it is said that it is "too stuffed with electronics", rendering it less than reliable. The fact is, the MAZes are out of service more often than they should be, indeed; and when their manufacturer warranty expires, one fears that the situation will become worse still.

Be that as it may, the debut of low-floor trolleybuses in Kiev is a fait accompli. Here's to a successful continuation!

At the Depot No. 1 hangar in the anticipation of assignment of a number and acceptance for service
[Stefan Mashkevich, 26.05.2003]
On route 38 at Ploschad Slavy
[Kostj Kozlov, 13.07.2003]
By Dvorets Ukraina. Note the two vehicle numbers
[Vadim Pudovkin, 16.04.2005]
At Saksaganskogo St. Trams were shut down here in order to fight traffic jams. No comments
[Stefan Mashkevich, 04.06.2004]
Euroshow-2005. Route 3, at Saksaganskogo and Pankovskaya
[Anton, 16.05.2005]
At the viaduct over Odesskaya Ploschad
[Stefan Mashkevich, 26.09.2005]
Laying over at Zheleznodorozhnoe Shosse
[Kostj Kozlov, 03.06.2004]
At Saksaganskogo St. Traces of lifted tram tracks are visible
[Kostj Kozlov, 25.06.2004]
Euroshow-2005. Route 3 at Tolstogo (viaduct over a railway line)
[Anton, 16.05.2005]
At Bulvar Lesi Ukrainki, near Pecherskiy Most
[Stefan Mashkevich, 01.06.2004]
Saksaganskogo St., opposite school #21
[Kostj Kozlov, 26.06.2004]
We won't see them here anytime soon. Volgogradskaya St.
[Anton, 21.05.2005]
At Bulvar Druzhby Narodov, not far from the Paton Bridge
[Nick S., 04.07.2004]
At Prospekt Vossoedineniya
[Kostj Kozlov, 10.07.2004]
At Prospekt Vossoedineniya. In the foreground, remnants of a tram line being disposed of
[Kostj Kozlov, 17.07.2004]
Laying over at Zheleznodorozhnoe Shosse
[Kostj Kozlov, 03.06.2004]
At Prospekt Vossoedineniya
[Nick S., 04.07.2004]
Saksaganskogo and Tolstogo. The only reason there is no traffic jam is that it's early morning...
[Anton, 16.05.2005]
At Bulvar Lesi Ukrainki, near Pecherskiy Most
[Stefan Mashkevich, 07.06.2004]
At the Kibcentr terminus of route 2
[Kostj Kozlov, 22.06.2004]
Near Goloseevsky Park
[Stefan Mashkevich, 30.05.2005]
At Pecherskiy Most
[Kostj Kozlov, 03.06.2004]
At Saksaganskogo St., short of Pankovskaya
[Stefan Mashkevich, 05.06.2004]
Entering Demievsky viaduct, off Metro Lybedskaya (route 43)
[Stefan Mashkevich, 03.10.2005]
Leaving the Metro Vydubich loop
[Kostj Kozlov, 03.06.2004]
At Volgogradskaya St. The patch of grass can be recognized as the late tram line
[Anton, 21.05.2005]
At Goloseevsky Prospekt, near Potekhina St.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 02.06.2005]
At Kikvidze St.
[Kostj Kozlov, 03.06.2004]
At Metro Lybedskaya, in severe weather...
[Kostj Kozlov, 29.01.2005]
At Volgogradskaya St. The Zheleznodorozhny Massiv loop is in the background
[Anton, 21.05.2005]

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