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Part 5 (3701–3710)

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Up until recently, no plans existed for MAZes to come to Depot No.3. It only happened after Depot No.2, refused outright to receive the trolleybuses which had been already assigned to it. Then a decision was made "at the top" to transfer the remainder of the batch to Depot No.3. The first trolleybuses arrived there at the very end of September 2005.

According to an already established custom, they were numbered 3701 upwards. As of now (January 2006) there are sixteen of them; they can be found on routes 3, 8, 9, 17, 19, 21, 22, 40.

Depot No. 3 (first picture of a numbered MAZ from this depot)
[Stefan Mashkevich, 30.09.2005]
At Pl. Petra Krivonosa, before the railway viaduct
[Kostj Kozlov, 29.10.2005]
At Volgogradskaya Ul. (former tracks of tram #5 at left)
[Kostj Kozlov, 29.10.2005]
At Vozduhoflotsky Prospekt
[Stefan Mashkevich, 07.10.2005]
At Vozduhoflotsky Prospekt, with a military school in the background
[Anton, 23.10.2005]
At Sevastopolskaya Pl.
[Anton, 21.10.2005]
At Vozduhoflotsky Prospekt, by the Ministry of Defense
[Anton, 23.10.2005]
Ul. Fedorova (route 40, loop around the block)
[Alexey Yankovsky, 25.10.2005]
Trolleybus Depot No. 3
[Stefan Mashkevich, 30.09.2005]
Ul. Olzhicha
[Kostj Kozlov, 23.10.2005]
Leaving the "intermediate loop" of route 22, Syrets
[Anton, 04.11.2005]
At Ul. Gorkogo (the loop of route 40)
[Alexey Yankovsky, 17.10.2005]
Ploschad Kosmonavtov
[Anton, 23.10.2005]
Corner of Fedorova and Bozhenko
[Alexey Yankovsky, 24.10.2005]
Ploschad Kosmonavtov
[Anton, 23.10.2005]
Tereschenkovskaya, the loop around the block
[Anton, 23.10.2005]
Krasnoarmeyskaya, turning into Fedorova
[Alexey Yankovsky, 21.10.2005]
Saksaganskogo, near Krasnoarmeyskaya
[Vyacheslav Andryuschenko, 29.11.2005]
Solomenskaya, not far from a square by the same name
[Anton, 02.12.2005]
Solomenskaya, near Alekseevskaya
[Anton, 02.12.2005]
Indistrialnaya, short of the speed tram bridge
[Anton, 29.10.2005]
Ul. Ernsta (Kadetsky Gaj)
[Anton, 29.10.2205]
Ul. Pulyuya (Kadetsky Gaj)
[Anton, 29.10.2005]
On Esplanadnaya (route 3 loop)
[Vadim Pudovkin, 13.11.2005]
At the intersection of Tolstogo and Zhilyaskaya. The remnants of the tram line
[Anton, 02.12.2005]
The former tram loop "Zheleznodorozhny Massiv"
[Anton, 02.12.2005]
On Ploschad Pobedy (Victory Square)
[Anton, 28.12.2005]
Only half of the number has been painted. Supposedly 3705 (to be verified)
[Stefan Mashkevich, 07.10.2005]

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