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Part 1 (2901–2910)

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The second attempt to create a Ukrainian low-floor trolleybus resulted in the advent of the ElektroLAZ E183, manufactured at the Lviv Bus Factory. This trolleybus has the same body as the CityLAZ bus, of which some 150 are already present in Kiev. The impression is that the engineers from western Ukraine have done a better job than their Dnepropetrovsk colleagues. Although things don't look quite smooth as yet in the electronics department (one machine broke down in the presence of the author of this page during an acquaintance ride), one may hope these are temporary problems.

The Lviv factory carried out an interesting advertising campaign. A new trolleybus, upon spending some time in Kiev, was in action for several weeks afterwards, carrying passengers in Donetsk, Zaporozhe, Nikolaev. Its number was changed in the process: 2040 in the former two cities, 3001 in Nikolaev. The latter is where it ended up, after visiting Kiev one more time. Be that as it may, all ElektroLAZes but this one work in Kiev as of this writing.

In picking the numbers for the newcomers, it was decided to keep the pattern semi-spontaneously introduced as of late: the first digit is the number of depot, the second encodes the model. Earlier on, the 7 went to the MAZes, the 8 to the YuMZ E186, hence the LAZes got the 9. Thus, we might yet see 19**, 39**, 49**...

2901Apparently the very first shot of an ElectroLAZ in action. Not yet in revenue service though — on a trial run. Having just left Depot No. 2, the trolleybus is bound for route 26 to Vinogradar.
[Anton, 24.05.2006]
2902Turning from Vladimirskaya into Sofievskaya Ploschad. In the background is a fire watch tower; behind the trolleybus, Vladimirskaya Ulitsa runs down to Andreevsky Spusk.
[Alexey Yankovsky, 15.08.2006]
2903Near the city court building; in the background, the newly-restored Mikhailovsky Cathedral can be seen. As one could expect, the new machines have been placed in service mostly on the routes entering downtown.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 09.06.2006]
2904At the intersection of Melnikova and Yakira, where route 6 crosses. The trolleybus is going towards Babiy Yar.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 29.05.2006]
2905Having just departed from the terminus of route 16, the trolleybus turns from Schuseva into Maksima Berlinskogo, completing its around-the-block loop.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 09.06.2006]
2906The intersection of Artema and Chornovola. The rear part of a Skoda going in the opposite direction can be seen through the front window.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 09.06.2006]
2907It is not likely that we will see these machines here anytime soon. However, this is grand opening of route 44; and how can there be an opening without a show-off? Hanging around not too far from here is also the new "Cobra" tram 401, which is generally prohibited from going to Obolon on security grounds...
[Alexey Yankovsky, 26.05.2006]
2908A tasty picture, with a nice sushi place in the background. This is the corner of Artema and Observatornaya.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 09.06.2006]
2909In Sofievskaya Square, next to the Bogdan Hmelnitsky monument.
[Anton, 15.07.2006]
2910One more picture on the only remaning line entering downtown (routes 16, 18): Syrets-bound, at the corner of Artema and Gogolevskaya).
[Stefan Mashkevich, 09.06.2006]

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