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Continuing the product line of Yuzhny Mashinostroitelny Zavod (South Machine Works, Dnepropetrovsk), which has so far included the articulated T1 and the short T2, is the first Ukrainian low-floor trolleybus, the YuMZ E186.

The first Kiev E186 arrived at Depot No. 3 in summer 2005. On 23 August, it was solemnly presented at the Borispolskaya Metro station opening. Quite traditionally for such exhibitions, it was incapable of moving under its own power at that time (and had it even been capable of that, a tractor would have been needed anyway, as the nearest trolley wires are several kilometers away from that place). After that the vehicle stood motionless on the depot grounds for a few months. Only at the end of the year did things start to move forward, and at the beginning of 2006 the new trolleybuses hit the streets. However, they were not assigned to Depot No. 3, which in the meantime had received a batch of MAZes, but to Depot No. 4, which had no low-floor machines until then. A new series, 48**, was opened for the newcomers (47** must have been reserved for the MAZes, should they ever appear in this depot). The one which used to be in Depot No. 3 has been transferred, too; its number is 4803. The manufacturer's serial numbers (in this case identical to the VINs) for these machines are Y89E1860050A54*** (the last three digits for all the vehicles are indicated below, together with arrival dates).

Alas, the model, at least as of now, cannot be deemed a success. There are lots of problems of various kinds; breakdowns are frequent to say the least. Also, the trolleybus is extremely noisy. It is not likely that Kiev will order more of these, unless radical improvements are made.

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17 January 2007