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Part 1 (1201–1220)

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The MTV (Moskovskij TramVaj) tram car was designed right after World War II in Moscow; from 1949 till 1961 it was manufactured in Riga. Kiev received these cars in several series:
1201–1305, from 1949 onwards, to the Lukyanovka depot (aka Lenin depot);
1321–1387, from 1954 onwards, to the Kurenevka (Krasin) depot;
1501–1575, from 1953 onwards, to the Shevchenko depot;
1576–1582, in 1964, used from Krivoy Rog, to the Shevchenko depot,
for a grand total of 254. All Soviet technical appliances of the 50's being of very good quality, this car was no exception. If it were not for reasons having nothing to do with its technical merits, the MTV could be still carrying passengers today. However, the beginning of the Tatra expansion marked the end of the Soviet car era in the city, and the last Kiev passenger MTVs were gone by 1984. Three still survive as service cars.

12011201 was the first car of this type in Kiev. Depicted here is a train on route 23 along Brest-Litovsky Prospekt, Svyatoshin-bound, at the Garmatnaya stop.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1966]
1202A set piece at the Lukyanovka Depot. The car is assigned to route 21 "Kontraktovaya Ploschad — Dom Ofitserov", which existed in that configuration for a few years only.
[Lukyanovka Depot Museum, 1950's]
1203A tram on route 2 is crossing Ploschad Pobedy, on its way from the railway station to Lvovskaya Ploschad. Commercial advertisement on trams was an absolute impossibility during the Soviet era, whereas social advertisement could be present, albeit rarely. Here the passengers are reminded about the rules of the road...
[Michael Taplin, 12.09.1978]
1204The terminus of the same route 2, at Lvovskaya Ploschad. The tram is leaving the loop, bound for the railway station. On the left is the then brand-new dispatcher's office building.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1970's]
1205The same route 21 as before stops at Ploschad Stalina (Evropeyskaya); the tram is about to begin its descent into Podol. The "Stakhanov peace watch" mentioned on the front-panel slogan is difficult to explain nowadays; the tram crew is supposed to be standing guard, watching for peace, in the memory of Stakhanov, if that makes any sense at all...
[State Photo Archive of Ukraine, 1950]
1206Again, the Garmatnaya stop on Brest-Litovsky Prospekt. Barely visible in the background is a viaduct near the Bolshevik Factory. Route 18, at the time, left Brest-Litovsky Prospekt near Metro Oktyabrskaya (Beresteyskaya) and proceeded to Borschagovka along Bulvar Lepse.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
1212A rare shot of old route 4 Lvoskaya Ploschad -- Krasnaya (Kontrakovaya) Ploschad. The car is going down Ulitsa Vorovskogo towards Gogolevskaya. In the background, one can discern two two-axle KTM-1/KTP-1 trains.
[State Photo Archive of Ukraine, 1950]
1213A few hundred meters down the same line, at the intersection with Gogolevskaya. A car on route 2 is going up to Lvovskaya Ploschad; on the left is another one on route 15, turning from Gogolevskaya into Vorovskogo.
[Michael Taplin, 11.09.1978]
1215Brest-Litovsky Prospekt, route 5. Branching off to the right as the train goes is a short spur along Ulitsa Shpaka, which connected this line with the one running along Ulitsa Parhomenko (Degtyarevskaya), which still exists today. The days of the trams on the Prospekt are numbered here in this picture from 1982; because of the reconsruction of the thoroughfare, the fate of the tram line is sealed.
[Anatoly Vilkovich, 1982]
1217A car turns from Zhadanovskogo (Zhilyanskaya) onto Ploschad Pobedy. This turn still exists today; only the right turn going in the opposite direction, visible before the tram, is no more.
[From the book "Trams in Eastern Europe", 17.05.1974]
1219An old picture at the Vokzal (railway station) loop. Running straight ahead is Ulitsa Kominterna, with trams literally following one another. In the background on the right one sees the Pankovschina neighborhood, unofficially known as Le Quartier Latin of Kiev; on the horizon, the domes of the St Vladimir Cathedral.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
1220Route 17, a predecessor to the modern speed route 1, which used to serve Yuzhnaya Borschagovka. Not too much has changed here nowadays, except for the number of cars that would be in the picure had it been taken today...
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]

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