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The ZiU-5 was an heir to the MTB-82. Serial production started in 1960 at the same Zavod imeni Uritskogo, i.e., Uritsky plant, in the town of Engels, Russia (Moisey Uritsky was a Bolshevik leader who took part in the dissolvement of the legitimate Russian parliament, the Constituent Assembly, in early 1918; assassinated later in the same year). Quite soon the production of the MTB was halted, and the new model took over completely.

The Kiev debut of the ZiU took place in the year 1965. There were a grand total of 60, all assigned to Depot No. 2. Some of them were put on hold immediately following trial runs, as there was quite enough rolling stock at the time. It became clear rather soon that the new vehicles did not perform well on the steep Kiev uphill runs, just like their brethren made in Kiev. Therefore, it was decided not only to refuse further deliveries, in favor of the Czech Skodas, but actually to get rid of the ones already obtained. During 1969–70 all of them were sold to Zhitomir, Poltava, and Kherson.

901A set piece depicting the first trolleybus from this series, most probably on a pullout trip out of Depot No. 2.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
904Next to the dispatcher's office at the Ul. Schuseva terminus of route 16. These trolleybuses would eventually leave that route, because a steep ascent from Kreschatik towards Mikhailovskaya Ploschad would prove too difficult for them.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
906Amidst winter slush, in the trolleybus Depot No. 2.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
921Route 21, which was presented no issues with its profile, was where the ZiU-5 were to be found most frequently. This is the turn from Ulitsa Demyana Bednogo (Olzhicha) onto the turning loop. Behind the trolleybus is quite a typical Khruschev-era apartment block. Almost nothing has changed here today, except that route 21 has been replaced with routes 19 and 22.
[Aare Olander collection, 06.1969]
Going up Ul. Lenina from Kreschatik. In the background is a typical postwar Kreschatik building.
[Postcard, 1960's]
934Once again on the depot grounds, about to pull out for route 8.
[Aare Olander collection, 1966]
950At the intersection of Lenina and Vladimirskaya, with the Opera Theatre in the background. Both the 9Tr on route 8 and the ZiU-5 on route 17 are going down to Kreschatik; there, the former will turn left towards Ploschad Leninskogo Komsomola, the latter will turn right, into its around-the-block loop.
[Aare Olander collection, 06.1969]
955On route 17 on Bulvar Shevchenko (nowadays this is a part of Prospekt Pobedy), short of Vozduhoflotsky Most. The ZiU-5's left this route, too, rather soon, because the steep grade on the boulevard as well as the cobblestone-paved streets were problematic for them.
[Aare Olander collection, 06.1969]

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