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Part 3 (2421–2430)

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2421Spring 2000 saw the appearance of two new trolleybus routes, 35 and 36, linking Ul. Vyshgorodskaya and Ivashkevicha with Metro Dorogozhichi and Nivki, respectively. This necessitated the construction of a new trolleybus line on Prospekt "Pravdy". The routes in question were initially served by Depot No. 4, but in 2002 they were both transferred to Depot No. 2. In 2000 and 2003, respectively, these two routes were realigned somewhat. In this picture, trolleybus 2421 on route 36 is turning from Prospekt "Radyanskoy Ukrainy" (nowadays Prospekt Georgiya Gongadze) onto Prospekt Svobody.
[Vadim Pudovkin, 16.04.2005]
2422The turning loop of route 7K under a viaduct next to Metro Nivki. That route connects this Metro station with the Belichi residential area in the western part of Kiev. The trolleybus still bears the manufacturer's livery.
[Aare Olander, 15.06.1998]
2423Almost the same spot; the photographer now stands under the viaduct, the trolleybus is about to dive underneath. In the background one can see a Skoda 14Tr on route 7 (route 7K is a short version thereof); on the left is an Ikarus 280, most probably on route 23.
[Aare Olander, 15.06.1998]
2424Once again, the neighborhood of the Nivki Metro station. The trolleybus stop is situated on Ulitsa Scherbakova. For routes 26 and 36 this is a terminus; for route 5, an intermediate stop. Here, trolleybus 2424 on route 26 has just disembarked passengers coming from the Vinogradar residential area, and is boarding for an outbound trip.
[Aare Olander, 15.06.1998]
2425Ulitsa Scherbakova. The trolleybus has just left the Ulitsa Salyutnaya stop, proceeding towards Metro Nivki on route 26.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 28.05.2005]
2426The other terminus of route 26 is in Vinogradar. In 1979, the first trolleybus line came into this neighborhood, terminating at the Prospekt Svobody turning loop. In due time, routes to Priorka, Obolon, Mostitsky were added. Here, trolleybus 2426 is about to disembark its passengers at the special exit-only stop.
[Norman Griffiths, 27.06.1994]
2427Chernobylskaya Ul. in Belichi, on route 7 bound for Metro Shulyavskaya. The first trolleybus line appeared here in the year 1985, marking the 50th anniversary of trolleybus service in Kiev.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 28.09.2005]
2428Belorusskaya Ulitsa. In the background one can see Lukyanovskaya Ploschad, where route 23 begins.
[Anton, 30.03.2005]
2429The Belitskaya terminus of route 5 is situated basically in the middle of a forest. Trolleybuses came here in the mid-1970s, with the goal of serving the Microprocessor (nowadays Quasar-Micro) plant — a line from Metro Nivki, which used to terminate a few blocks away, was extended here. The trolleybus is just starting its inbound run, and two Skoda 14Tr's laying over are behind it.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 28.05.2005]
2430A viaduct near Metro Shulyavskaya, viewed from Ul. Dovzhenko. The 2430 is descending from the viaduct in the direction of Syrets, on its pull-in run, bound for Depot No. 2. In the background one can see the metro station structure and a bulding of the Bolshevik factory.
[Aare Olander, 03.06.2002]

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