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Part 4 (2431–2440)

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2431A trolleybus signed for route 5 is depicted on the grounds of Depot No. 2. Beyond the white concrete fence which is visible beyond the trolleybus, there is a Blits-Print publishing house and a bread factory. In the background, on the right, there is a sister YuMZ-T1 2454 in a multicolor advertisement livery.
[Aare Olander, 08.06.2002]
2432Prospekt Svobody in the Vinogradar residential area, the terminus of routes 24, 25, 26. The trolleybus is laying over in a specially designated area. Partially visible on the right is another articulated trolleybus, a Romanian DAC 217E from Depot No. 4. Far in the background is a Czech 15Tr approaching the turning loop at the intersection of Prospekt Svobody and Prospekt "Radyanskoy Ukrainy".
[Vadim Pudovkin, 16.04.2005]
2433Again on the territory of Depot No. 2. Trolleybus 2433 is signed for route 7. On the left is 2428.
[Aare Olander, 08.06.2002]
2434Bulvar Shevchenko descending towards Ploschad Pobedy. The trolleybus on route 5 is approaching the intersection with Ulitsa Kominterna. In the middle of the boulevard, just at the intersection, there is a monument to Nikolai Schors, who was a Bolshevik ***komendant*** of Kiev in 1919, during the Civil War. It was Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine, who, as a student at Kiev University, posed for the sculptor of this monument.
[Vadim Pudovkin, 08.02.2004]
2435The trolleybus on route 7, bound for Shulyavka, on Prospekt Palladina, approaching Prospekt Pobedy. Until 1982, the terminus of a tram line connecting the downtown area with Svyatoshin was situated not far from here. Trolleybuses started running here in 1985, and a second route, 39, was added in 2003, when the metro line was extended.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 28.09.2005]
2436The opposite terminus of route 7, Metro Shulyavskaya. The trolleybus turns right from Prospekt Pobedy, about to turn around on a viaduct visible in the background. A monumental building of the Pressa Ukrainy printing complex is in the far background, and the top of the TV tower in Syrets is protruding from behind the trees on the right.
[Vadim Pudovkin, 16.08.2003]
2437Prospekt Pobedy in the neighborhood of Nivki, the Universam stop in the direction of Belichi. The trolleybus bears a yellow-and-blue livery advertising the Leipzig cinema theatre.
[Lekha, 22.07.2008]
2438In 1987, service on trolleybus route 25 between Vinogradar and Metro Petrovka was inaugurated. In this picture, trolleybus 2438 is turning from Moskovsky Prospekt towards the Metro Petrovka terminus of said route. Behind it, among the crowd of passenger cars and jitneys, there is a red-and-yellow YuMZ-T2, most probably on route 27, which also terminates here.
[Vadim Pudovkin, 16.04.2005]
2439Once again, the Belitskaya terminus of route 5. The trolleybus is parked at the curb, the trolleys are attached to the layover wires. Severno-Syretskaya Ulitsa runs away from us in the direction of Nivki.
[Vladimir Tsarenko, 11.12.2007]
2440Prospekt Pobedy. The trolleybus on route 7, running from Shulyavka towards Belichi, is approaching the Ulitsa Polkovnika Shutova stop. The small street running off to the left (the white car is about to turn into it) is Ulitsa Nikolaya Shpaka. Up until 1982, there was a tram line here, running from the center of the city towards Svyatoshin, and connected with the Degtyarevskaya tram line (which still exists today) via a short track on Ulitsa Shpaka.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 27.05.2003]

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