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Part 5 (2441–2450)

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2441Bulvar Tarasa Shevchenko. The trolleybus, on route 5, is climbing from Ploschad Pobedy towards its terminus at Tereschenkovskaya. It passes a few old buildings which are being renovated. In the background is the high-rise Lybed hotel, built at the beginning of the 1970s.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 21.11.2004]
2442Once again Nivki, the beginning of Ul. Scherbakova. The 2442 on route 26, bound for Metro Nivki, is leaving the Ul. Estonskaya stop and approaching a pedestrian crossing at the intersection with Ul. Kirponosa. Private houses clearly dominate in this neighborhood.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 01.10.2005]
2443Belorusskaya Ulitsa in Lukyanovka. The trolleybus has left the Ul. Dovnar-Zapolskogo stop and is approaching Metro Lukyanovskaya, the terminus of route 23. That route is one of the few long-living ones in today's Kiev: After being launched on 12 February 1969, it has never changed, save for temporary realignments caused by construction. Some sixty years ago, trams ran along this street.
[Aare Olander, 10.08.2003]
2444Ulitsa Dovzhenko, across the street from Trolleybus Depot No. 2. The trolleybus is on its pull-in run, about to turn around at the viaduct at Degtyarevskaya St. and then turn right into the depot. There used to be a direct left turn here, but after an accident — a jitney hit a trolleybus pulling in — the wirework enabling trolleybuses to make that turn was removed.
[SM collection, 2004]
2445The Ulitsa Belitskaya terminus of route 5. The turning loop is seen in the background, followed by the final stretch of Severno-Syretskaya Ulitsa, which ends at the railway line of the so-called Northern Circle (a semi-circle, in reality).
[Vladimir Tsarenko, 28.11.2007]
2446Closer to the opposite terminus of route 5. The trolleybus turns from Ulitsa Tolstogo into Vladimirskaya, approaching the stop across the street from the main University building. Trolleybuses replaced trams here in 1959. Up until 1996, route 5 turned around St. Vladimir's Cathedral, a few blocks away.
[Aare Olander, 05.10.1998]
2447Route 5 connects downtown Kiev with a small industrial area in the district of Nivki. It mostly follows Prospekt Pobedy, but turns into Vul. Scherbakova at Metro Nivki. This picture was made at the stop right after that turn, next to the metro station itself. On the left, behind the crowd, one can see a striped LAZ-699R bus; that is a "taxobus" (a higher-fare express bus), connecting Nivki with a market in Vinogradar. Later on, all these "taxobuses" turned into regular jitney routes, served by minibuses.
[Aare Olander, 10.05.1997]
2448The Tereschenkovskaya terminus of route 5. In 2001 2008 this was also the last stop of routes 8 and 17, because the extension of this line along Bulvar Shevchenko to Pl. Tolstogo was dismantled (as it has fortunately turned out, temporarily). To the left of the trolleybus stop is the Shevchenko Park, which route 5 presently loops around.
[Lekha, 08.09.2008]
2449The beginning of Ulitsa Marshala Grechko, at Internatsionalnaya Ploschad in the Nivki district. The trolleybus is proceeding to Metro Nivki (route 26) and is about to cross the square and enter Ulitsa Scherbakova. One can also see the wires used for turning into Ulitsa Stetsenko.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 28.05.2005]
2450A fairly rare phenomenon — a YuMZ-T1 approaching the Maydan Nezalezhnosti downtown terminus of route 16. These trolleybuses were seldom used on routes 16 and 18, which both terminate here, because of their difficult profile. In the background on the left is a 15Tr on route 18.
[Aare Olander, 10.08.1997]

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