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Part 3 (5041–5051)

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5041The second car of one of the few T2+T2 trains still alive by that time, ready to pull out of the Darnitsa Depot onto Route 22.
[Michael Taplin, 12.09.1978]
5042On the viaduct above the metro line, by the Komsomolskaya (Chernigovskaya) station. Facing in the opposite direction is an Ikarus 280... and a lone pedestrian running — possibly in order to catch that same Ikarus.
[Volker Vondran, 1978]
5043This this the only Kiev T2 car that has been preserved to this day. In this picture it is moving along Prospekt Gagarina, eastbound, towards Metro Chernigovskaya. Quite probably, already in the role of a service car, as any route signs are absent.
[Alexander Shanin collection, 1980's]
5045Yet another special setting, probably from a trial run, and possible at the DShK terminus of route 28.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
5046Back in the 1960s, just north of Metro Dnepr there was a rather unique piece of equipment — a tram turntable. There is no room there for a turning loop or a triangle, as the line is squeezed between the Dnieper slopes and the roadway, and this complicated setup provided an opportunity to make short turns. Here a tram has just pulled onto the table and is about to be turned around.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
5047This picture is taken from a window of a tourist motor coach crossing Most Patona, with a group of Western tramfans on board. The car going in the opposite direction, 5261, is rather plausibly alleged to be the very last tram car to have crossed the bridge on 9 June 2004 (under the number 5380).
[Robert Newhouser, 1985]
5048A picture not that old, but extremely rare — from the period of metro construction in the neighborhood of Podol. The left part of the frame depicts the remnants of old tram trackage, which used to lead to the former line along Zhdanova (Sagaydachnogo). On the right, in the far background, is the Brodsky Mill building.
[G.A. Schacher, 1976]
5050The final phase of the turn on the already-mentioned turntable by Metro Dnepr. Later on, enough rolling stock was delivered, so that this piece of equipment lost its importance (it was simpler to have all trams go all the way to Podol) and was demolished. Now, without knowing, it is impossible to even detect its former location.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
5051On the old line on Zhdanova (Sagaydachnogo), accompanied momentarily by a Volga GAZ-21 and surprisingly many PAZ-672 buses. The corner building on the right houses a (food store) and a (canteen).
[Karl-Otto Friedemann, 1970's]

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