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Part 2 (5021–5040)

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5022On route 29 towards Krasny Khutor. There is virtually no roadway here on Tashkentskaya as yet, making the cityscape look quite countrylike.
[Michael Taplin, 12.09.1978]
5023Short of the Dnepr metro station, going southward along Naberezhnoe Shosse, towards Most Patona. Apart from the tram, there are the typical Soviet-era artifacts: automatic vending machines dispensing soda water (plain for 1 kopek, or with syrup for 3 kopeks) and a sculpture depicting happy Soviet sportsmen rushing forward in their sailboat.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
5024A pretty standard location for tramfans, the northern loop at Kontraktovaya Ploschad. An MTV-82 standing behind must be on its pullout trip, since the circular route B, which is what its route sign shows, did not run here (it used the tracks connecting the two loops, on Konstantinovskaya and Mezhigorskaya).
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
5025At the Bulvar Druzhby Narodov stop, leaving Naberezhnoe Shosse for Most Patona. Going in the opposite direction is the then brand-new car 5606 on route 31.
[Wojciech Turzanski, 08.1973]
5026The eastern part of Prospekt Vossoedineniya, at the Zavod Vulkan stop. The tram goes west, towards Most Patona and Podol.
[State Photo Archive of Ukraine, 12.1962]
5027A two-car train serving route 33 turns onto Ulitsa Sosyury, towards the Leningradskaya Ploschad stop. Buildings in the background belong to the ATP-13034, nowadays known as the Bus Depot No. 2. On the far right, next to the Dom Radio (Radio House) store, which occupied the ground floor of a typical Soviet nine-floor apartment house, there is another T2.
[Dieter Kuellmer, 1970's]
5028Once again on Prospekt Vossoedineniya, at the Bereznyaki stop. Attached to the passenger shelter is a stop sign in the typical design of the time (they were yellow). Behind the tram, one can see an upgrade, as the avenue raises towards the bridge and crosses over the railroad tracks of the Northern Ring.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
5029Approaching the Komsomolskaya (today Chernigovskaya) metro station, from the area of Voskresenka. It is possible to take a similar picture on this spot nowadays, except that many "foreign" objects will unavoidably be in the frame: kiosks, people, cars, garbage...
[Aare Olander, 19.05.1981]
5030Turning from Kominterna onto Zhadanovskogo (Zhilyanskaya); the has just begun its run on route 13 from Vokzal towards Podol. The women with a child an an alert militiaman on the opposite corner have likely noted the photographer...
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
5031Going through the washing machine in the Darnitsa depot. The fleet number on the front panel is composed in the font which was in use at the end of the 60s — beginning of the 70s; it was then replaced with a different one, featuring numbers of a more rounded shape.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1960's]
5033Heading a two-car set, probably 5033+5041. This car, as well as all the later ones, later, did not have color lenses for route designation (those can be visible on cars 5017–5031, which were delivered in 1961). In the background there a whole queue of trams waiting to disembark and receive passengers...
[Wojciech Turzanski, 08.1973]
5034At the Komsomolskaya (Chernigovskaya) metro station. Route 29, at the time, began at the Miropolskaya loop, a few stops north of this place. Visible on the right are two poles carrying stop signs (the inscription on the second one, closer to the photographer, is, most probably, "The second train stops here"), with a characteristic red-and-yellow cube on the top.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 09.1974]
5035An already-familiar picture in the workshop of the Darnitsa depot.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1970's]
5037On the territory of that same depot. The inscription on a card in the top left, behind the front glass, reads "Road security watch". Note that the route number in the sign window is less visible than the fleet number — although it is the former only that is of interest for an overwhelming majority of the passengers...
[Dieter Kuellmer, 1970's]
5038A view from the passenger platform of the Dnepr metro station. The passengers exiting both cars are proceeding towards the metro entrance. The building in the background is the former temporary metro depot, which was in use together with a special car lift, which brought the cars up and onto the line.
[Michael Taplin, 14.01.1976]
5039A tram on route 32 has passed Pochtovaya Ploschad and is about to turn from Naberezhno-Kreschatitskaya into the quarters of Podol. In the background one can see the spire of the Rechnoy Vokzal building and the Dnieper slopes, with the Peoples' Friendship Arch and the Dynamo stadium lighting masts.
[Gordon Stewart, 06.10.1985]
5040At the intersection of Sosyury and Sergienko, near Leningradskaya Plochad. The T3 5193 on the opposite track must be broken down, as it is being pulled into the depot by a service car.
[Aare Olander, 04.06.1981]

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