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Part 3 (041–060)

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041Once again, Prospekt Gagarina, just east of the intersection with Krasnogvardeyskaya Ulitsa. The trainset 041+054 is serving route 35, bound for Troeschina, about to turn onto Krasnogvardeyskaya.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 03.10.2005]
042This car 042, from the Darnitsa Depot, met a tragic end. About 2002, it got hit by lightning and all but burnt down as a result. It would have been possible to restore it — but, due to the lack of parts, it actually was disassembled. In this photo, it stands on one of the stub tracks in the Darnitsa Depot, with a service car behind it.
[Anton, 16.01.2005]
043Another picture which is historic by now: the train is about to turn onto Ulitsa Usenko from Prospekt Gagarina. The route is 22, from Voskresenka to Rembaza. The photo was taken on one of the last days of tram service in this part of Prospekt Gagarina. Nowadays, the only kind of conventional mass transit that runs here is the bus.
[Anton, 16.10.2004]
044Yet another picture of a tram trainset on Bratislavskaya Ulitsa, near the Ulitsa Andreya Malyshko stop. The highlight, however, is the special appearance of the satellite car 044. It was the first T6 in the Darnitsa Depot which, for want of spare parts, got equipped with T3-style windows, in 2006 (the 028, which we saw before, was redone in the same manner somewhat later).
[Stefan Mashkevich, 12.09.2006]
045One of the spots where Kiev actually ends, at the edge of Troeschina. Ulitsa Zakrevskogo and Ulitsa Miloslavskaya meet here. Turning from the latter on the former is a trainset composed of 045 and the already-familiar 044. The city line is right behind the cars and the bulidings in the background.
[Anton, 14.10.2006]
046In the year 2004, the "epidemic" of tram line extinction, which began a few years earlier on the right bank of the Dnieper, spread onto the left bank. One of its victims is Prospekt Gagarina, which had tram service terminated on the most part of it. The photo was taken between Bulvar Verkhovnogo Soveta and Ulitsa Pavla Usenko, a few months before end of service. To the left of the tram is a small Bogdan A092 bus, serving a jitney route. One of the purposes of the extinction of tram lines in Kiev was to supporting the proliferation of jitneys, which constitute a source of almost uncontrollable income.
[Nick S., 24.08.2004]
047Once again, Ulitsa Zakrevskogo in Troeschina. Trailer 047, following head car 068, is bound for Ulitsa Saburova on route 35. Typical late-Soviet apartment blocks, dating back to the 1980s, can be seen beyond the tram.
[Anton, 03.06.2007]
048A winter landscape on the other end of left-bank Kiev, the Poznyaki residential area. The car is on route 8, running along Prospekt Petra Grigorenko towards Metro Poznyaki. A T3 on the left, approaching the turn onto Ulitsa Anny Akhmatovoy, looks brand-new — in fact, it has undergone a general overhaul in the Darnitsa Depot.
[Anton, 10.02.2006]
049Kontraktovaya Ploschad in the heart of Podol. Despite the wars, enemy invasions, floods, and the activity of the Bolsheviks, the square has more or less retained its old and beautiful appearance, as this photo can witness. A T6+T6 train on route 21, bound for the left bank of the Dnieper, proceeds across the square, towards Ilyinskaya Ulitsa, passing by the St Catherine Greek Monastery, built at the beginning of the XX century. Since the continuation of this tram line across the Paton Bridge has been dismantled, trainsets no longer run here.
[Alexander Redko, 13.08.2003]
050Tashkentskaya, one of the main streets of Krasny Khutor. Owing to its location in the middle of this neighborhood, a tram line was built here. Even today, though, this place makes one think of a village rather than a big city...
[Kostj Kozlov, 19.07.2003]
051Having passed the photographer, train 050+051 moves along, bound for Metro Lesnaya via Darnitsky Vokzal, Kharkovskoe Shosse, and Leningradskaya Ploschad, on route 29.
[Kostj Kozlov, 19.07.2003]
052The Ulitsa Andreya Malyshko stop, a view towards Metro Chernigovskaya. Train 052+053 in a livery very close to the manufacturer's one leaves the stop, bound for Voskresenka on route 22. In the background, behind the stop, one can see the viaduct over Brovarskoy Prospekt and the metro line.
[Anton, 14.03.2007]
053The same spot, with the focus on the trailer car. The viaduct is not seen here, but one can see two apartment blocks, built at an angle to the street grid.
[Anton, 14.03.2007]
054Krasnogvardeyskaya Ulitsa. Trailer 054, following hear car 055, on route 33 from DVRZ towards Voskresenka, has just passed the intersection with the already-familiar Bulvar Verkhovnogo Soveta. Car tire marks next to the tram tracks evidence the abundance of traffic jams around here.
[Anton, 08.02.2008]
055The Metro Dnepr tram stop. On a beautiful sunny day, car 055 stands on this stop, about to continue its journey along route—31 towards Rembaza. To the left of the stop is a fishermen's market, popularly known as Bukhara. Nowadays, route 5 from Podol to Bulvar Druzhby Narodov runs here.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 31.05.2003]
056Trailer 056 follows head car 055 on route 22, from Voskresenka towards Rembaza, here on Ulitsa Sergienko, passing by the Palace of Underwater Sports. The Darnitsa tram depot is behind the trees.
[Anton, 13.06.2007]
057The intersection of Prazhskaya and Azerbaydzhanskaya. The train is serving route 33 from DVRZ towards Voskresenka. The sideline branches off to Azerbaydzhanskaya, where the weekday-only route 23 runs.
[Kostj Kozlov, 17.09.2003]
058Prospekt Gagarina near the intersection with Bulvar Verkhovnogo Soveta. The car on route 29 is bound for Krasny Khutor. A train in the background is approaching the intersection with Krasnogvardeyskaya.
[Nick S., 24.08.2004]
059Turning from Krasnogvardeyskaya Ulitsa onto Prospekt Gagarina. The train 058+059 is turning towards Metro Lesnaya.
[Anton, 08.02.2008]
060Borispolskaya Ulitsa in the neighborhood of Novaya Darnitsa. A single car 060 on route 31 from Podol towards Rembaza, stopped near the Dnepr Palace of Culture, a Stalinist building from the mid-XX century. On the right are some apartment blocks from the second half of the same century.
[Kostj Kozlov, 28.11.2003]

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