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In 1987, however, the Solomenka line did not vanish. Three years earlier, another route was inaugurated, under the number of first 8-K, then 5, which ran to Dvorets sporta (Palace of Sports) instead of University. That route stayed on until the summer of 2001...

Perhaps just because car 2020 was the last one to leave the line, did it "survive" until now. Here is the author trying to perform as driver...
(Central depot, 27 October 2001)
... however, no ride is possible anymore. There is but a unique opportunity to see the tram's organism, once alive and functioning...
(Central depot, 27 October 2001)
... and to stand on a narrow strip between past day and present day.
(Central depot, 27 October 2001)
The heir to the eight was the 5, which did run on the Solomenka line, but instead of climbing towards University it turned into Saksaganskogo towards Dvorets Sporta. Here it has just negotiated the old Dvorets Sporta loop and starts out towards Solomenka. The date is 21 July 1997. Since then, the loop was moved, after which the new one was destroyed...
(Photo © Aare Olander , 1997)
... because in 2001, the men at power decided that neither Dvorets Sporta nor Solomenka needed tram service any more; and thus the five, among two other routes that used to run along Saksaganskogo, shared the fate of its predecessor. (The text on the photo, in Ukrainian, reads: "For the passengers' information! With regard for an ordering of the electric transporation network in the downtown area and the construction of a trolleybus line <...> effective 1 June 2001, tram routes 5, 6 will be shut down. <...> Bus service will be organized.")
(Photo © Constantin Antonenko, 2001)
This is how that same intersection of Tolstogo and Saksaganskogo now looks...
(10 February 2002)
The same place: Saksaganskogo runs afar, with Tolstogo intersecting. The SINGLE track, a connection to the now doomed depot, is all that reminds one of the five routes that used to run here.
(7 December 2001)
And this is the uphill stretch towards University...
(28 October 2001)
... being served by route number 8 (!) -- but of the means of transport which is apparently in favor nowadays.
(28 October 2001)

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