Decline (1980-1987)
Route 8 (Other Places)

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  8. Universitet - Zheleznodorozhnyj Massiv
Our trip along route 8 continues. The next spot is the viaduct over railroad tracks; Tolstogo, 59 in the background. 2056 goes to Solomenka; and once again, there is a route 5 Tatra whose roof is visible behind it.
[Hans Oerlemans, 01.07.1987]
Immediately beyond the viaduct, the tram crosses one more railroad line, this time by going under a bridge. In the background there is a railroad service building.
[Alexander Shanin collection]
After one more steep ascent along Ul. Uritskogo, the line enters the neighborhood of Solomenka. This is near the Kavkazskaya stop; and once again, a new three-door Tatra keeps a close eye on our character...
[Hans Oerlemans, 01.07.1987]
Solomenskaya Ploschad, which used to be called Ploschad Uritskogo as well as Ploschad Brezhneva. Note an old LiAZ 677 bus on route 69 (the buses are gone, but the route still runs there today).
[Aare Olander, 03.05.1983]
Solomenskaya Ploschad used to be the last stop of this route, until, in 1967, it was prolonged on Solomenskaya and Volgogradskaya Streets. Car 2011 is speeding along Volgogradskaya towards the Zheleznodorozhnyj Massiv (Railroad Residential Area) loop.
[Hans Oerlemans, 01.07.1987]
Discharging and boarding at the mentioned loop. The car number is obscured and thus unknown...
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
The same loop, with 2054, one of the last surviving Kiev-built cars, 2054, and Tatra 5408 on route 5. The "push-pulls" are already so scarce that apparently it is only possible to catch two of them at the loop if one is laying over...
[Hans Oerlemans, 01.07.1987]
The following are almost certainly the last pictures of this route in all its history, made on 14 December 1987. On the following day, these cars (and the route itself) would no longer be running.
[Constantin Antonenko, 14.12.1987]
The same Solomenka (Zheleznodorozhnyj Massiv) loop. On the last day of service, there were six cars on the line: 2003, 2020, 2024, 2054, 2072 (pictured), 2073.
[Constantin Antonenko, 14.12.1987]
At 01:39 in the morning on 15 December, the last car, 2020, came back to the depot, marking the end of the era of Kiev-built cars in Kiev. The car itself, though, has yet to be looked at later...
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]

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