Decline (1980-1987)
Route 8 (Ul. Tolstogo)

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  8. Universitet - Zheleznodorozhnyj Massiv
So attractive was the Universitet stub terminus from a railfan's viewpoint - and in the near center of the city at that - that a lot of late pictures of the 8 were made at that precise spot. A view from the southeast: on the right is the fence surrounding the university campus, behind the tramcar is the Chemical Department. Kiev chestnuts are in full flourish...
[Aare Olander, 20.05.1981]
This view is from the northeast. In the background is the Tolstogo 17 building. Passengers are walking towards the boarding stop, which is just beyond the exit from the stub terminus.
[Aare Olander, 04.08.1987]
Another view from about the same point. Clearly visible is the safety rail, which was welded into place after an accident in the '70s, when a tram failed to brake and crashed into a concrete wall that used to be behind the stub. Also note the second car on approach to the terminus.
[Gordon Stewart, 7.10.1985]
Instead of the wall, one sees some flower beds and an announcement board for the Budivelnik (Construction Worker) cinema theater, at the next stop of the same tram. (Nowadays cars run over this place...)
[Gordon Stewart, 7.10.1985]
Finally, a view from the northwest. In the backgrouns is a famous Dom Moroza (Moroz house), 11/61, at the corner of Tolstogo and Vladimirskaya. In the corner of that house there is a deli store - just like then - and in the house itself, in addition to apartments, there are a book supermarket and the Estonian embassy.
[Wilfried Wolf, 07.1986]
Another view from the same point. The building behind the trees is Vladimirskaya 64, one the Lybed Police Precinct, nowadays the University Office of the Rector.
[Vladimir Kondratenko, 08.1986]
Having left the terminus, the line ran down Ul. Tolstogo to Vetrova. Seen in the picture is car 2056 going up at quite a pace, and a sister car which goes down cautiously, following the sign "DESCENT. SPEED LIMIT 10 KM/H" posted above the tracks.
[Gordon Stewart, 7.10.1985]
An opposite view at almost the same place; 2019 is about to reach the end of its upward run. In the background is the building at the corner of Tolstogo and Tarasovskaya, 21/2.
[Gordon Stewart, 7.10.1985]
The intersection of Tolstogo and Vetrova marked the end of the descent. 2072 has just turned and is beginning to go up; behind it are the Botanical Garden fence, and to the left, the lower entrance to the garden and the beginning of Ul. Vetrova.
[Hans Oerlemans, 01.07.1987]
A block further down the line, at the intersection of Tolstogo and Saksaganskogo. Cars are already getting in the way of the photographer... To the right, at the stop of the Saksaganskogo routes, one can see two yellow tram ticket vending machines, mounted on a special stand, at some angle to each other.
[Aare Olander, 13.05.1981]
Beyond the same intersection; 2076 is going towards Solomenka, met by Universitet-bound 2074, with Saksaganskogo 109/20 and Tolstogo 22 behind them. In the foreground one sees the Saksaganskogo line as well as a pair of service tracks connecting route 8 with the rest of the system. Later on, all the Saksaganskogo routes would run on those tracks. All that remains nowadays is a single service track - which, too, is doomed...
[Gordon Stewart, 7.10.1985]
The same intersection viewed at another angle; 2073 is at the Saksaganskogo stop. Beyond the intersection and to the left is Post Office #32, Saksaganskogo 88/18; down the street, in the background - the right turn into the ascent to University.
[Gordon Stewart, 7.10.1985]
On the left in the background, once again is the corner of Tolstogo and Saksaganskogo. Behind the tramcar is a building housing the Library for Children and Youth, Tolstogo 49. The car is departing from the Saksaganskogo stop, headed to Solomenka.
[Wilfried Wolf, 07.1986]
Same place, same stop. Running in the opposite direction, apart from another route 8 car, is a Tatra on route 5. Seven months later, the 8 is to go away. The 5 would remain and survive until 2001, to fall victim to an idiocy of the Kiev city management...
[Wilfried Wolf, 05.1987]

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