Decline (1980-1987)

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As already mentioned, the "push-pulls" used to serve some routes without stub termini. There was an idea to replace the loop at Goloseevskaya Pl., which was a nuisance to cars, with a stub; however, eventually the problem was solved simpler (you guessed it). But even after the line was cut back, one could see a double-ended car there from time to time - like this 2009, which we just met before and which is on route 10 on Ul. Bozhenko.
[Aare Olander, 24.06.1981]
The passenger section of the car. Judging by the window view, the spot looks like the Vokzal terminus of route 30.
[Aare Olander collection]

Two shots at the Shevchenko Depot, at the time when these cars were still in passenger service. 2064 and 2030 near the box adjacent to Ul. Dimitrova.
[Aare Olander, 10.06.1981]
2012, 2029, and 2074 on the main storage tracks, accompanied by MTV-82 1510, one of the few still remaining in service at the time.
[Aare Olander, 10.06.1981]

This is the same car that was the last one to come to the depot on the night when route 8 was abandoned. Because of that it had managed to escape the scrapping knife, and at the beginning its "second life" went very well. In 1992 it was refurbished...
[Aare Olander, 12.06.1992]
... and, freshly painted and looking as young as ever, it took part in a tram centenary parade on Naberezhnoe Shosse and Pochtovaya Ploschad.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 14.06.1992]
What happened after that? When will we, at last, learn to respect our own history?.. Questions without answers. In October 2001 the author of these lines told the TV audience how, once upon a time, Kiev-manufactured tramcars ran in Kiev. The scenery was a looted skeleton which used to be the car number twenty-twenty...
[Stefan Mashkevich, 27.10.2001]
That's how it still looks nowadays, standing in the backyard of the Shevchenko Depot - as long as the depot itself is around... Next to it is a T-6 number 314, which, despite its being not at all old, has already turned into a corpse, too.
[Stefan Mashkevich, 29.05.2003]
And this is what he who goes inside the car sees... It's a total shame that we treat our not-so-distant past like this. Perhaps, after all, there will be some people for whom the word memory still means something? And we will see our Kiev car once more, if not in glamor, but at least in one piece?..
[Stefan Mashkevich, 29.05.2003]

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