Maturity (1970-1979)
Routes 3, 5, 8, 9

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  3. Vokzal - Reduktorniy Zavod
Route 3 had a stub terminus during less than two years, from 1975 till 1977, when the speed tram line had not been built to completion, and cars only ran up to the Reduktorniy Zavod stop (short of present-day Industrialnaya station). Here in one of the few pictures available, it has just left the speed stretch and is going down Zhilyanskaya St. towards Vokzal (railway station).
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 1977]

  5. Zavod "Bolshevik" - Svyatoshino
At the same time, the double-ended cars continued to be used occasionally on stubless routes, where there was, strictly speaking, no necessity in their presence. The same car 2077 is seen here at the Zavod "Bolshevik" loop, prior to starting its journey along Brest-Litovskiy Prospekt into Svyatoshino.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 05.1977]

  8. Universitet - Zheleznodorozhniy Massiv
The "eight" at the time, naturally, did not employ anything but double-ended cars. The 2039, having descended from the Universitet stub, is at the intersection of Tolstogo and Saksaganskogo.
[Hans Oerlemans, 11.09.1978]
The Solomenka (Zheleznodorozhniy Massiv) loop, which existed until recently. This rare picture of the period of struggle against Ukrainian nationalism describes the moment when, as they say, according to an "order from above", the yellow-and-blue livery of the cars was replaced with a yellow-and-red one, which is how they looked for the remainder of their service life.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 08.1973]
Two other cars on the same loop, viewed from another direction.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 1973]

  9. Krasnaya Ploschad - Goloseevskaya Ploschad
Three routes terminating at Goloseevskaya Ploschad - 9, 10, 24 - used to employ these cars as well, despite the presence of loops. Car 2016 on route 9 is boarding at the Univermag "Ukraina" stop; also visible are a Tatra and an MTV.
[Dieter Kuellmer, 1977]
A year later, 2081 on the same route, having just departed from the same stop, traverses Ploschad Pobedy and proceeds towards Podol.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
On the same day, 2016 leaves Univermag "Ukraina" going in the opposite direction (nowadays trams turn into the Starovokzalnaya loop here).
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
One of the reasons behind the presence of "push-pulls" on the Goloseevo routes was said to be that the loop seen in this picture was due to be replaced with a stub terminus. Instead of that, however, the line was cut back to Moskovskaya Ploschad (and twenty years later, demolished altogether). Here, trams have a little under a year and a half left to serve Goloseevskaya Ploschad...
[Hans Oerlemans, 12.09.1978]

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