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Part 3 (1056–1085)

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1056Kreschatik, near Bessarabka, in the post-NEP epoch. Trams are still the main means of transportation, there are hardly any cars. Two years later it will be decided that trams "spoil" the appearance of the street, and by way of a "beautification" they will be removed. Let the unbiased viewer decide for himself whether or not the trams are a nuisance here.
[USSR Photo Archive, Krasnogorsk, 1932]
1057Entering the Vokzal (railway station) loop from Ul. Kominterna. This is route 7 "Vokzal — Otrandnoe". Visible in the background is an MTB-82 trolleybus and another trolleybus or bus.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 08.1961]
1058The loop of the old route 27 at GES-2, near the Podol harbor. This tram line is long gone, and in fact the surroundings have changed drastically; not knowing where this loop was, one could hardly tell.
[Raymond De Groote, Jr., 11.07.1959]
1063One more factory shot.
[Aare Olander collection, 1911]
1078A special-occasion picture. Judging by the trees in the background, this must be the Svyatoshin loop (route 6).
[Lukyanovka Depot Museum, 1930's]
1079The Ploschad Bogdana Khmelnitskogo loop, around the monument. In the background is the former city offices building. This line used to branch here, and the trams ran further, to the St Andrew church and the funiculaire.
[USSR Photo Archive, Krasnogorsk, 1954]
1082At Evropeyskaya Ploschad (at that time it was called Ploschad III Internatsionala); the loop of route 1. Look at the facial expressions of the people in this early Soviet era...
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1920's]
1083The intersection of Vladimirskata and Yaroslavov Val; the tram runs along the remainder of once-long route 1 from Ploschad Bogdana Khmelnitskogo to Ploschad Tolstogo. Behind it is an MTV-82. At the corner is the fish department of the now nonexistent Georgievsky Gastronom (deli store).
[State Photo Archive of Ukraine, 06.1953]
1084During the German occupation, most probably in the depot.
[Aare Olander collection, 1942]

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