Youth (1955-1969)
Routes 29, 30, 32

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  29. Pochtovaya Ploschad - Rembaza
Route 29, a shorter version of the current 31, used to run from a stub terminus at Pochtovaya Ploschad. Here, car 2012 is about to start its journey (towards us). To the left is a KTM-1+KTP-1 train on route 28.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961?]
Its first stretch ran along the Dnieper embankment on Naberezhnoe Shosse. Note the crowds on the beach and it width! Remember that Kievskaya GES (hydroelectric power plant) didn't exist when this picture was taken.
[Raymond De Groote Jr., 11.07.1959]
At Leningradskaya Ploschad, with a temporary loop partially visible on the right.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961?]
The end of the route at Rembaza (nowadays ZHBK, Zavod Zhelezobetonnyh Konstruktsij, Iron-Concrete Constructions Plant).
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961?]

  30. Vokzal - Pecherskiy Most
Route 30 began to employ double-sided cars when its loop at Pecherskiy Most was converted into a stub terminus circa 1967; that did not change until its closure in 1985. Car 2026 is seen here in Shota Rustaveli St., near the Dvorets Sporta loop.
[Karl Otto Friedemann, 1968]

  32. Pochtovaya Ploschad - DVRZ
Just like the 29, route 32 used to employ the Pochtovaya Ploschad stub for a short period of time. Its outer terminus was the same as nowadays, DVRZ (Darnitskiy Vagonoremontnyj Zavod, Darnitsa Car-Repair Plant). This car is turning from Most Patona (Paton Bridge) into Naberezhnoe Shosse for a run up the right bank of the Dnieper.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961?]
2001, the very first KTV-55-2 built, apparently at almost the same location, about to turn from Naberezhnoe Shosse into Most Patona.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961?]

A car from route 29 inside the Lukyanovka depot.
[Lukyanovka Depot Museum]
Another car in the same depot. Note it number, 2020. We will meet it again a little later...
[Lukyanovka Depot Museum]
According to some information, the Kiev Electric Transportation plant worked on a two-axis car model called KTV-56. Apparently, a prototype car plus trailer is what we see in this picture.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]

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