Part 2
(routes 5 through 6)

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5. Zavod Bolshevik - Svyatoshino
Route 5 ran up until 1982 along the western part of Brest-Litovskiy Prospect, beginning at a loop near the Zavod Bolshevik (nowadays Shulyavskaya) metro station. Train 1275+1055 approaching the loop...
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
... at the loop...
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
... and leaving the loop.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
The first Svyatoshino-bound stop was Garmatnaya. Barely seen in the background is a tram negotiating the Bolshevik loop.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
At the Ulitsa Polkovnika Shutova stop, the line joined a short spur along Ul. Shpaka, which led to the Otradnoe line (still in existence today). Here route 5 (and earlier, the 23 as well) went on straight, whereas 17 and 18 turned right, to end up eventually in Borschagovka.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
About a hundred meters further down the prospect and several months later. Note the building in the background: As compared to the previous picture, several floors were added. At the same time, the piece of the line from "Bolshevik" to Ul. Polkovnika Shutova has been dismantled. Now there is only a turn from Shpaka towards Nivki. The whole line has about another half-year to live...
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982]
Apparently, near the Nivki metro station.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
The route was served by MTV-82 cars out of the Lukyanovka depot. A train 1227+1028 reverses into the depot, with Ulitsa Belorusskaya in the background.
[Aare Olander, 27.06.1981]
In the depot, ready to go out on the line.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
6. Vokzal - Svyatoshino;
Lvovskaya Ploschad - Okruzhnaya Doroga

The 6 covered all of Brest-Litovskiy Prospect, beginning at Vokzal (railway station). The 1260, in the old livery, is seen here looping at the station square. The view has hardly changed during the more than forty years... except that the tramway tracks are no more.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
From the station, the line ran via Ploschad Pobedy (Victory Square) towards Brest-Litovskiy Prospect. The photo spot is apparently the junction at Zhilyanskaya St., on the south side of the square. That junction was built in 1959 after a rearrangement of the tracks in this neighborhood.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1959 (?)]
This place used to be called Evbaz (Evreyskiy Bazar, for Jewish Market) back then. Most probably, ths is the vicinity of the present loop of speed route 3.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 05.05.1959]
After the Bulvar Shevchenko tracks were lifted, trams got to run in the backstreets of the Ploschad Pobedy - Vozdukhoflotskiy Most (Air Fleet Bridge) block, whereas a rather tight S-curve just beyond the bridge was required to reach the prospect. Seen here is car 1291 negotiating that curve in the direction of Brest-Litovskiy Prospect.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]
Just beyond Vozdukhoflotskiy Most. Far away, one can guess the place where the tracks turn into the prospect (the same spot is in the background of the previous picture).
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1978?]
Apparently before the bridge at the "Zavod Bolshevik" metro station...
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1978?]
... and the same car viewed from the same spot as it passed by.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1978?]
1254+trailer, Vokzal-bound, pass by the freshly-inaugurated Zavod Bolshevik metro station. In about twenty years, it is the metro and a renovation of the prospect that this line will fall victim to.
[Archive of Photographic Documents of Ukraine, ca. 1963]
The same spot viewed from the same bridge, with a perspective towards Svyatoshino. On the left is an MTV-82 trolleybus. Nowadays all the space previously occupied by the tram private right-of-way, is sacrificed to motorists...
[Archive of Photographic Documents of Ukraine, 03.08.1965]
The Svyatoshino terminal originated from the old terminus of a narrow-gauge Svyatoshino tram on the same spot: indeed, all the Brest-Litovskiy Prospect run from Polevaya down to Svyatoshino is a relaid narrow-gauge line. In 1959, routes 6 (car 1273) and 23 (a KTM-1/KTP-1 train in the background) terminated here.
[Raymond De Groote Jr., 11.07.1959]

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