Part 4
(routes 9 through 11)

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9. Kontraktovaya Ploschad - Goloseevskaya Ploschad
Kontraktovaya Ploschad - Moskovskaya Ploschad

Route 9 used to connect Podol with downtown and Demievka. It served Zavod Dzherzhinskogo (Dzerzhinsky Plant) up until the end of the '50s, then it was rerouted to Stalinka (Goloseevskaya Ploschad), to be trimmed down to Moskovskaya Ploschad in 1980. In 1996, amidst fears of steep grades and the lack of rolling stock, the "nine" was suspended.

A trip along the tracks of this once popular route begins on Krasnaya (now Kontraktovaya) Square. More than enough cars available so far...
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 08.1973]

Upon mounting Glubochitsa, the line crosses Artema St. and turns left into Dmitrievskaya (at that time Menzhinskogo), following the latter along opposite sidewalks. This is the corner of Menzhinskogo and Kosiora; car 1249 is Podol-bound.
[Aare Olander, 22.05.1981]
At the eastern end of Dmitrievskaya, the track turns into Ploschad Pobedy (Victory Square). Before 1959, the line proceeded straight ahead here, crossing the square in its eastern part and continuing along Saksaganskogo; nowadays the trams turn right, curving around, west of the Circus building and the square.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
After the Univermag "Ukraina" (Ukraine Department Store) stop, there is a left turn into Zhadanovskogo (now Zhilyanskaya). The track turning in the opposite direction has not been lifted yet, but is no longer in use; that's where route 6 towards Brest-Litovskiy Prospect used to run. Service on the part of the prospect adjacent to this place has been discontinued, and speed routes 1 and 3 proceed straight along Zhilyanskaya.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
The same spot, with Tatra 5220 from the Kurenevka depot serving route 13. From Zhilyanskaya, the line will turn into Kominterna and then Saksaganskogo.
[Hans Oerlemans, 10.09.1978]
Having passed Saksaganskogo, one enters a steep descent along Vladimirskaya towards Korolenkovskaya and the Shevchenko depot. An MTV-82 has just ascended and is turning into Saksaganskogo, with a descending Tatra on route 9 or 10 in the background.
[Aare Olander, 25.06.1981]
Korolenkovskaya St. and a depot entrance adjacent to the line. Here we are entering a neighborhood, which, despite being quite close to downtown, doesn't exactly look luxurious...
[Hans Oerlemans, 1970]
Ulitsa Dimitrova stop, half a block further down the line. Visible behind the depot fence are a KTV-55-2 and a Tatra. Forward and to the left with respect to the tram are the buildings of the Paton Electric Welding Institute.
[Aare Olander, 10.06.1981]
Upon clearing the institute complex, the line enters Bozhenko St. for another run on both sides of the street. The author has succeded in capturing a rare event when, due to construction, a short stretch of the line is temporarily used as single-track. The 1522 is using a temporary connection to return from the "wrong" track.
[Aare Olander, 24.06.1981]
Baykovo Kladbische (cemetery). Here begins a segregated piece along Nikolaya Grinchenko St. towards so-called Berlizovy Ogorody.
[Aare Olander, 05.03.1983]
The turning loop at Moskovskaya Ploschad was built when routes 9 and 10 were cut back here from Goloseevskaya Ploschad. Here as well, we witness the advent of the Tatras at the expense of the MTVs; although the latter are still used for instruction (car U-3), they have about a year left to roam Kiev streets...
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 05.1983]
Before that, the line ran further, along Prospect 40-Letiya Oktyabrya, down to Goloseevskaya Ploschad. The pavement where nowadays outbound trolleybuses run, was used for the tram tracks. Approximately midway between Moskovskaya Ploschad and Goloseevskaya Ploschad...
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1980?]
... and on the same approximate spot, viewed from a different direction.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1980?]
Behind the fence to the left is the Lukyanovka depot, which served route 9. This track was used to store rush-hour cars outside hours.
[Aare Olander, 11.06.1981]
10. Vokzal - Goloseevskaya Ploschad
Vokzal - Moskovskaya Ploschad

Route 10 connected Vokzal (railway station) with the bus terminal at Moskovskaya Ploschad, earlier with Goloseevskaya Ploschad, along the same line as the 9. It had always been in high demand, which did not prevent city bosses from pulling it from underneath the feet of the passengers on 20 May 2001, together with the whole line to the bus terminal.

Here, however, the MTV has just come to serve the 10, a new car 1524 leaving the Vokzal terminus.
[Wolfgang Schreiner, 06.1961]

A rather rare shot of the stretch between Moskovskaya and Goloseevskaya Ploschad which was abandoned in 1980. A Vokzal-bound 1545 is approaching Moskovskaya Ploschad, moving along the parallel roadway of Prospect 40-letiya Oktyabrya (Goloseevskiy). The trolleybus line running in the opposite direction has been relocated here recently.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1980?]
The 1555 decorated to honor the 75th anniversary of Kiev tram, at the Goloseevskaya Ploschad loop.
[KTTU Museum, 1967]
11. Kontraktovaya Ploschad - Ul. Lajosha Gavro
The 11 had become one of the first right-bank routes to switch completely to Tatras. As a result, photos of MTVs serving it are all but nonexistent. The only picture we are aware of is this one of cars 1229+1029 at the Kurenevka (Krasin) depot.
[Aare Olander, 18.06.1981]

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