Part 9

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Collected here are photos of MTV-82 cars out of revenue service, as well as ones where it is impossible to determine the route number.

A general view of the Lukyanovka Depot and the cars: from left to right, two MTV-82's, a KTC, and a train of an older model.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum, 1950's]
Car 1254 with its driver. Visible in the background is a car from old route 4.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
Sister car 1256 in a later period, as witnessed by the more modern paint scheme...
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
and "group portrait" against the background of the main depot building, under the canopy of Soviet-era slogans.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
Inside a maintenance building in the depot. Most of the cars are MTV-82's, whereas the second from right is a KPV-55 trailer.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
Yet another group scene, this time in a winter landscape...
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
A reconstruction scene in the Central (Shevchenko) Depot. In the background, the Paton Electric Welding Institute building is visible.
[Contributed by C. Antonenko]
Instruction Cars
A handful of the MTV's were used as instruction cars. This one, U-1, is pictured at what apparently is the Kontraktovaya Ploschad terminus...
[A. Olander collection]
... and the U-4, seemingly, at Aleksandrovskaya (nowadays Sagajdachnogo) St.
[A. Olander collection]
Survivors: 1346
There are three MTV-82 cars in Kiev that exist nowadays in their more-or-less original appearance. The one that has even retained its original fleet number, 1346, is seen in this picture soon after its withdrawal from passenger service.
[Contributed by A. Shanin]
Unfortunately, it has been mutilated quite a bit, deprived from the original windows, doors, and some smaller parts, - nevertheless, it's still recognizable as a specimen of its once popular type.
[Constantin Antonenko, 2001]
It's winter again... Nevertheless, the track is clear and free -- here we go! The car belongs to the Lukyanovka Depot.
Survivors: RZV-1, RZV-2
The other two have been converted into rail welding cars, called RZV-1 (ReykoZVaryuvach; former RSV-1) and RZV-2. This one is pictured at some point not long after the conversion, as it looks precisely like a passenger car save for the marking...
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
... whereas in this modern picture, some windows and a door are gone, the bow collector has been replaced with a pantograph, and the Tushino emblem (the T-shaped figure on the front panel) has been repainted yellow (originally red). Nevertheless, this car apparently bears the closest resemblance to the original out of the three.
[Constantin Antonenko, 2001]
Sister car RZV-2 has not changed very much, too. Both cars are in the Darnitsa Depot.
[Constantin Antonenko, 2001]
The interior of RZV-1. This is one view in which it is hard to recognize an ex-passenger car...
[Constantin Antonenko, 2001]
Railway Station, Sophia, Brest-Litovskiy, European Square...
Following are a few images of MTV's in revenue service. The railway station loop was used by many routes at different times. The car here is most probably on route 10. Do pay attention to the 9Tr trolleybuses in three different liveries!
[Postcard, 1970's]
The Sofievskaya Pl. (formerly Pl. Bogdana Khmelnitskogo) terminus existed until 1959. In its last year, routes 2, 4, 8, and 15 ended there. Two MTV-82's, probably serving one or two of the first three routes mentioned, are seen here against a gorgeous background of the St. Sophia bellfry.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
Even better is this colorful image featuring cars in two different liveries!
[From a Kiev guidebook, 1950's]
Finally, if there is the image of the Sophia loop, this is no doubt the one. Five cars at a time! The older Pullmanns are most probably from route 1, abandoned around 1956.
[A. Primachenko, 1950's (?)]
Two pictures of train 1327+1078 on route 5, 17, or 18 at the Bolshevik loop. Not long before, on the spot where the photographer now stands there were tracks leading here from Vozdukhoflotskiy Most.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
At the same loop, during boarding.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1982?]
European Square, where the first electric tram line began. Catching the eye is not so much the lone MTV-82 as a triple of MTB-82 trolleybuses which look quite like it (and they were like it since those two models shared a common design).
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
Other places
Goloseevskaya Ploschad (it is easy to recognize the Mir Hotel). "Wedged in" between the two MTVs on route 9 or 10 is a Tatra.
[Anatoliy Vilkovich, 1980?]
The future speed line along Borschagovskaya St. is in the process of being rebuilt while still being used in service. A car is barely visible in the background in this stretch just past Bulvar Lepse.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
In a more recent shot, the Gnata Yury stop with a train serving route 1, 3, 17, or 18 on approach.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
A viaduct at the intersection of Parkhomenko (Degtyarevskaya) and Dovzhenko (Teligi) streets. The MTV is working route 14 or 15, inbound from Otradny.
[Lukyanovka Depot museum]
Most probably, the Bulvar Lepse stretch of the same line.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
Another old picture, Korolenkovskaya, near the intersection with the railway line to the freight depot.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]
This spot is hardly recognizable nowadays. Special thanks to the site visitors who helped identify it! This is Shpaka St., viewed from Degtyarevskaya towards Brest-Litovskiy Prospect.
[Kiev Electric Transportation Museum]

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